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Imagine all the works of litteraure that are currently lost because we lack the skills and patience to digitize them properly. Scans are often available but OCR doesn't work for hand writing. We offer you free digital critical editions of those many forgotten works of litterature from medieval times.

Users Visitors are welcome to submit their own productions. We are also interested in any kind of scan or transcription of modern copyrighted works and will gladly publish them once the copyright expires.

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Title Original title Language Author(s) Date Print date ID Institution Scan Annotated scan Transcript Critical edition
Le livre Jehan Boccace
des cas des nobles hommes et femmes,
translaté de latin en françois par moi
Laurent de Premierfait, clerc du dyocèse de Troies ;
et fut compilée ceste translacion le XVe jour
d'avril M.CCCC. et IX, c'est assavoir le lundi après Pasques
De casibus virorum illustrium French Giovanni Boccaccio
Jean BoccaceJehan Boccace
1355–1374 1409 Ms. 1128 Bibliothèque sainte-Geneviève https://archive.org/details/MS1128 In progress Soon: txt, md, html, pdf, epub Soon: txt, md, html, pdf, epub